LRF exists to promote youth football in the Stevensville, Michigan area.

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LRF coaches are expected to teach fundamental football skills in a controlled, positive, challenging, fun, and safe environment.  The success of the LRF program begins and ends with a coach’s ability to model core-values to his players and inspire his players to do the same.


LRF coaches represent LRF and the community. Their words and actions will therefore be a positive reflection of the LRF mission and core-values.  The LRF Board of Directors expects commitment (through word and action) to the LRF mission, core-values, and coaching philosophy from its coaching staff.  The LRF Board of Directors expects the personal and professional lives of its coaches to reflect the highest standards of behavior on and off the field.  No coach or staff will discriminate against any player, coach, staff or parent based on their race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex, height, weight, family status or disability.



All LRF Coaches are expected to…

  • Model the LRF core-values through sound instruction and leadership.
  • Motivate and inspire players.
  • Exemplify self-control (words and actions).
  • Complete training to maintain player safety at all times.
  • Coach to develop every player on the team.  Teach the game.
  • Involve all players during practice and games.
  • Create and manage a safe, controlled, challenging, and fun environment for kids.
  • Clearly define and assign roles to Assistant Coaches and communicate expectations.
  • Establish a regular practice schedule (at least 2x/week) before and during the season.
  • Maintain consistent and effective communication with parents throughout the season.
  • Utilize resources available to you when needed.


LRF coaches understand that the success of the LRF program is not measured by seasonal wins and losses or the caliber of athlete the program produces.  Rather, true success for LRF is measured at the end of the season when a player leaves with a stronger sense of team, a better understanding of the game, a higher self-confidence, a greater willingness to work hard, and a desire to come back next year.


The LRF Board of Directors recognizes the important role that each coach plays in accomplishing the mission of the LRF league.  Therefore, based on this recognition and based on the ability to meet expectations and adhere to the LRF coaching philosophy, the LRF Board of Directors will carefully evaluate and choose each coach every season.  It should be noted that the LRF Board of Directors reserves the right to deny anyone the privelige of coaching in any capacity and also reserves the right to remove a coach from his coaching position at any point during the season.







Football Planning Tools

Basic resources for coaches, volunteers and parents.


Sample Practice Plan

Sample Rocket Game Participation Form
- Excel format

General Youth Football Resource Sites:

Coaches Learning Network

Youth Football USA Coaching Resources

USA Football

Winning Football Plays, Football Drills

John T Reed - Coaching Youth Football

Parents and Volunteer Coaches

Free Online Downloadable Playbooks:

Veer Series  

Counter Passing                                                                    

Football For Youth Playbooks


Flag Football Playbooks:

Coach Teeds’s Playbooks     Flag Orange Plays    Flag Plays

Practice Drills:


Offensive Line Drills

Receiver Drills

Running Back Drills


Defensive Backs

Defensive Line



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